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J-n-O’s 1-Step Guide to Buying a Used Car in Chile

Step 1: don’t! Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome to Santiago! Silence, smog and avocado (it rhymes and you know it!!!)

The first twelve days of our road trip were spent sans road in Chile’s massive capital city – a giant metropolis nestled in a beautiful natural setting that was all but impossible to see for our entire time there thanks to the horrible winter smog.But we arrived in Santiago knowing full well it was a bad time of year to visit – no matter, as our goal was not sightseeing but rather car shopping (see part III), further trip preparation and overdosing on avocados (seems most meals here come with a heaping portion of it, which is all good with us for now). We also had a surprisingly busy social life, spending pretty much every dinner over pleasant conversations with friends, family, family friends, and couchsurfers, both hosts and other nice and helpful people from the active Santiago group. Read the rest of this entry »