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You may not have noticed it because we stay so grounded in our attitudes and perspectives on life, but over the past few months we’ve hit the big time and morphed into international celebrities spanning at least (and most) two continents and multiple media platforms. In addition to the ever-more popular youxin.org albums and rare (and therefore valuable) blog posts, here is a quick rundown of our recent international exposure; this is likely an incomplete list and we can only assume we have been feared in  number of other outlets – it’s just so hard to keep track of these things without a good publicist:

1) Radio Kombinauta (Argentina and across the globe on a webcast)

In April, we had the pleasure of spending an evening in the studios of the newly-launched La Radio Rebelde for an interview on their weekly Radio Kombinauta program, which is all about VW kombis (“buses” as they’re called in the States) and other topics of interest to the VW enthusiast. Our mastery of the Spanish language allowed the interview to be conducted fully in Espanol as we reached out to the Latin American world across the Internet broadcast. We developed  nice friendships with the entire Radio Kombinauta crew, though unfortunately our plans to be their official World Cup 2010 correspondents from South Africa fell through at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, primarily laziness.

spreading the VW love around Latin America

makin' friends with the Radio Rebelde Crew

2) Freedom Rally (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Argentina’s massive bicentennial celebrations were not the main event to rock the streets of it’s capital city this May. No, a few weeks before there was march down the famous Avenida de Mayo calling for the decriminalization of marijuana, particularly against the harsh punishments inflicted on those possessing small quantities of the herb. The march was most notable for its delayed start (to be expected given the nature of the participants) and the remarkably low number of people that were stoned during the march (totally unexpected given the nature of the participants). At the end of it all, in front of Argentina’s congress, Ognen was interviewed by a local media outlet and asked for his views and perspectives on the event (such views shall not be revealed here in order to preserve any future political ambitions). Unfortunately, as we never mastered the Spanish language, anything Ognen may or may not have said should not be taken out of context…

is this a crime?

these guys don't think it should be

ognen reveals nothing

3) Tonka Tanka interview (Chilean TV interview conducted at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa)

In order to show our lighter side and escape any PR repercussions from our participation in controversial events such as certain marches in Argentina, we agreed to an interview for the hit Chilean TV show Tonka Tanka during their World Cup special reports from South Africa. Our unscripted, off the cuff and delightfully witty interaction with imbecile host Peter Veneno can be viewed in it’s partiality by clicking here: http://todo13.13.cl/programas/v3577.htm

and guess who wound up on Chilean TV?

(we’re told we appear around the 2:30 part of the video although have yet to watch it ourselves). When the cameras were not rolling we were busy using our mid-level mastery of the Spanish language to help the production crew communicate with their non-Spanish speaking driver/guide and telling the host which hand to hold the microphone in.

 4) SABC Radio (South African national radio, but we swear it's way more popular than NPR)

In the middle of the World Cup, we took time out from the soccer mania to enjoy the finer side of life by spending several days at South Africa’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown (the biggest in Africa). Seeing as we were probably the only foreigners in the country at the time to make this choice, the local media were all over themselves to try to get our impressions of the event from an “outsider’s point of view” (whatever that means). Juan graciously agreed to one interview only and selected national broadcaster SABC radio for the honor. Though our level of mastery of the Spanish language was irrelevant for this particular media exposure, we still somehow had difficulty communicating with the interviewer… hmm…

can you repeat the question?

"dude, you're distracting me from this strange performance... interview over!!!"

5) World Cup (by definition worldwide)

Tonka Tanka was not our only glimpse of World Cup fame – you can just assume that we were visible somewhere in the background of the creatively dressed fans that flashed briefly on worldwide TV during coverage of the matches we attended. Spanish mastery was on full display during the Cup, though not necessarily of the linguistic variety.

us flashing into the homes of a billion viewers worldwide (we assume)

So there you have it – our immortality is sealed! Feel free to bask in our limelight!

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