Hey – That’s Our House!!!

So there we were, slowly dosing off and slightly disgruntled by the fact that our 20-hour overnight bus trip was about to begin with yet another loud and disruptive movie screening (note to all bus companies in developing countries: don’t do that!!!) when we were suddenly confronted with a scene of a little boy running past our house in Budapest. Needless to say we simultaneously nearly jumped out of our seats and were thoroughly freaked out for the rest of the ride.

We went back and checked it out on the Internet later to make sure we weren’t somehow subconsciously envisioning Budapest everywhere we go, but sure enough, there it was – just 1 minute and 16 seconds into “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas“  a boy (but as it turns out not the boy in the pajamas) dashes past the square and fountain under our house in Budapest. Click on the video below to see for yourselves

Our building is the one you see on the very left of the screen with just a thick wall and the scene only runs for about 8 seconds (if you watch another minute or two you can see the boy rushing past the Budapest Opera house a few times and then at 3:10 we can see the typical modern-day Budapest apartment courtyard, which apparently looks like 1943 Berlin) but it was more than enough to get all sorts of Budapest-related thoughts in our head. It seems that no matter where we go, our thoughts will always be with Budapest whether we want them to or not. As another example, here’s a picture of the good-old “Budapest” pub that we drove past at least 10 times during our car-hunt in Santiago.

The only thing we can’t figure out for sure is whether the swastika flags draped over the neighboring building in the film clip are decorations that the film production company brought along or whether they’re just remains of a typical Magyar Guarda event that were conveniently left over.

As for the movie itself, don’t bother watching it (well-intentioned but quite unrealistic, boring and poorly made).

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