5 Questions

All right everyone, pop quiz time:

  1. It’s 5a.m. and you are the chief of a Chilean intercity bus terminal when a pack of 8 stray dogs (led by one over 3 feet tall and 100lbs) gets inside and starts running around the place startling the handful of sleepy, tired passengers waiting for their buses. You:
    • a) pick up a stick and incompetently try to chase the dogs away but stumble and fall on the wet floor, thereby providing some badly-needed comic relief for the weary tourists
    • b) scream like a school-girl and lock yourself in your office, leaving your frightened customers to fend for themselves
    • c) walk up to several of the dogs to give them friendly pats and playfully scold them while letting them run amok in the terminal
    • d) take a broom from the bathroom and mercilessly beat one of the dogs unconscious, much to the horror of the passengers
  2. The capital city of Bolivia is:
    • a) Lima
    • b) La Paz
    • c) Potosi
    • d) Sucre
  3. Your name is Juan and you’ve decided to go on an extended trip to South America despite the fact that you have a history of skin problems. As a smart tourist, you:
    • a) spend over a month in the driest place on Earth, at the same time enduring cold nights, blazing sun throughout every day, and howling winds 24/7
    • b) seek out the exotic tropical jungles, with their warm and humid climate, that have made the continent famous the world-over
    • c) live the life of a beach-bum for 3 consecutive days despite the fact that the concept of sunscreen and moisturizer is as foreign to modern-day South Americans as the wheel was to the Inka
    • d) follow a random Russian named Viktor on a dangerous trek to a drunk local shaman who promises to have a herbal/alcoholic cure to all skin ailments
  4. Throughout our travels, the country that people we’ve met have (by far!!!) most recommended we visit (due to an apparently great combination of varied and spectacular natural beauty, friendly locals, good food, nice cities and tourist safety) is:
    • a) Columbia
    • b) Brazil
    • c) Peru
    • d) Uruguay
  5. Your name is Ognen and you managed to get some serious stomach troubles in Bolivia (likely an unconfirmed case of salmonella) because you:
    • a) suffered from altitude sickness and decided to “treat” it by eating a giant lamb roast, not drinking enough fluids, and consuming lots of local salads and fresh-squeezed fruit juices
    • b) having a few bites of the infected chicken that gave Juan food-poisoning (salmonella?)
    • c) sharing a bathroom with people suffering serious stomach problems of their own
    • d) all of the above


1) C – there are tons of stray dogs in Chile and they are treated extremely well and embraced by the locals; they seem to have a great life and most appear well-fed, healthy, and with shiny coats of hair (we’ve heard the situation is much the same in the rest of the continent)

2) D – who knew? we haven’t yet been, but let’s hope Sucre is better than Sacramento

3) A – ah, the lengths we’ll go to and the risks we’ll undertake to get a few pretty pictures

4) A – the FARC must be in some serious trouble these days

5) D – more than you wanted to know, but we had to think of a 5th question


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