About YouXin-游心.org

“乘物以游心”出于《庄子·内篇·人间世》.“乘物”与“游心”是两个词,“乘物”指万物皆平等,凭借物的意思。 “游心”指如若能达到“乘物”境界,即可以悠然忘我、神游物外。此为“庄子”核心思想之一。取“游心”为名以表达我们浮生偷闲,逍遥于天地之间而心意自得的心情。

So you might ask who or what is a YouXin? And why is it the name of this site? How do you even pronounce it? Not to worry - the answers are all here. Assume your best meditation pose and get ready to be enlightened.

YouXin (pronounced yo-sheen) is part of the Chinese phrase 乘物以游心 (ChengWu Yi YouXin), a core element of the Taoist philosophy of Zhuangzi (see left). Put simply, the phrase refers to all the secular materialistic aspects of life (Wu) and emphasizes that they are tools rather than an objective (e.g. wealth as a means rather than an end). If you live according to this principle, you can achieve freedom from within rather than through material goods, thereby permitting you to “wander boundless and free”(YouXin).

So we like to think of our trip as embracing Zhuangzi’s 乘物以游心. We haven’t forsaken money and material goods at all (in fact, we’re quite happy to have our awesome car and to splurge on delicious meals once in a while); but it’s not our stuff that makes us happy, it’s the journey itself. So here we are, wandering boundless and free...

(Chuang-Tzu, 369—298 BC)

Zhuangzi, or “Master Zhuang”  is a defining figure in Chinese Taoism. He espoused a holistic philosophy of life, encouraging disengagement from the artificialities of socialization and cultivation of our natural “ancestral” strengths and skills. This leads to a simple and natural, but full and flourishing life. He argued that the processes of nature unify all things, so that humanity should seek to live at one with nature and not impose upon it.