FOR SALE: The Perfect African Self-Drive Camper Vehicle

An ideal vehicle for overlanding in Africa!!! We have explored all of South America and south and east Africa in it virtually trouble-free and it is ready for more adventures (unfortunately we are not so must sell it).  It is much more than your typical VW kombi...

Condition: runs great and shows no signs of slowing down even after all it's been through

  1. engine - perfect (this is one of the finest, most reliable and longest running engines ever built by Audi/VW)

  2. other mechanical - good to very good (drives great if you know how to do it properly - don't worry, we'll teach you the few tricks you need to learn)

  3. tires - still have plenty of tread

  4. interior - very good (few cosmetics/details missing but clean and comfortable since it is our home)

  5. exterior - good (clean but there are scratches and one big dent as well as some mismatched paint near the bottom due to rustproofing - purely cosmetic faults)

Features: comfortable and a joy to own, drive and live in

  1. pop-up roof with tent/bed (sleeps 2 adults)

  2. rear seat folds down to queen-size bed (sleeps another 2 adults)

  3. built-in powered cooler box (not a fridge but close enough)

  4. fold-away interior table

  5. 360-degree rotating passenger-side front seat

  6. air conditioning

  7. cruise control

  8. keyless entry

  9. power windows

  10. cd/mp3 6-speaker stereo with remote and mp3 player plug

  11. added insulation to side panels (keeps you warm in those cold nights)

  12. raised clearance (great for tough roads)

  13. custom-built roof rack for jerry cans and second spare tire

  14. auxiliary battery - charges cooler box, lighting and other electronics (computer, camera, mp3 player) without draining the main battery

  15. spacious interior with tons of storage compartments

  16. 2 spare tires

Extras: we can throw in the following overlanding/camping gear for free (easily worth over $1500; this is not just junk we don't need - it is gear we used on our adventure that you are likely to also need)

  1. 4 jerry cans in very good condition (60liters petrol and 20 liters water) plus matching nozzle - only 4 months old and lightly used; cost over $200 new

  2. 3kg "Cadac"-brand gas cylinder and matching stovetop; also only 4 months old and cost over $100 new

  3. carnet de passage with 20 empty pages valid until July 2011 - the car's passport; essential for travel in Africa and very expensive if you want to get it yourself

  4. high-quality cookware in great shape: 1 wok (the best we’ve ever owned), 2 frying pans and a braai/BBQ rack

  5. assortment of other pots, plates, cups, glasses and cuttlery

  6. 2 inverters (for plugging in household electronics straight into the car's two batteries through the two cigarette lighters in the interior)

  7. 2 fire extinguishers

  8. air compressor for inflating tires and anything else that’s inflatable

  9. powerful interior/exterior lamp with extra long cable

  10. official VW factory repair manual (two thick volumes that can help you or a mechanic troubleshoot and repair any possible breakdown/defect)

  11. toolkit (screwdrivers and wrenches)

  12. emergency first-aid kit (new and never used)

  13. 2 emergency triangles and reflective jacket

  14. tow rope

  15. spare accessory belt

  16. spare air filter

  17. 2 cans fix-a-flat for emergency flat-tire repairs

  18. mosquito net that fits perfectly over the interior bed

  19. foldable camping stool

  20. 2 padlocks plus a cable lock

  21. assortment of spare fuses, light bulbs, cable ties, duct tape, work gloves, bun-jee cables and other small but useful stuff

See the full and honest details of this vehicle here

Asking Price: $7,000 United States Dollars

Serious buyers only! We are selling because we will have to stop traveling soon and don't want to just park this car in a city.

Contact and Delivery: Vehicle is California (USA) registered and currently in Tanzania with a “carnet de passage” valid until July 2011. We can deliver in Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda and will consider RWANDA.

Call us at +255 782-139-984 or email

come explore the world with me!!!

1993 Volkswagen Transporter T4 (known as "Eurovan MV" in the United States)

2.5L, 5 cylinder, 110hp AUDI engine

5-speed manual transmission

1993 VW Transporter


Westfalia CAMPER

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